Mass Effect: Commander Shepard can’t drive (Game Glitch Friday)

In Game glitches on November 2, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Welcome to the first edition in what is intended to be another recurring feature here on the Gaming Kick website, it’s Game Glitch Friday.

Anyone who dedicated their time to gaming on a frequent basis has almost certainly at some stage come across some glitches while playing, moments where things don’t go according to plan (or rather what was programmed to happen).

The vast majority of games in the industry now are tested extensively to iron out any bugs or glitches, and we also get patches released online to remove flaws. Even so now and then you could be playing a game when all of sudden something weird and unplanned will disrupt your experience.

The results of game glitches can be frustrating, but they can also be hilarious, awesome or creepy even.

On this day Gaming Kick will highlight some of those wacky and wonderful game glitches which people across the internet have recorded for our entertainment.

For today’s entry we’ll take a look at a recurring glitch which has appeared in the highly popular sci-fi RPG Mass Effect.

The first game in the Mass Effect series was launched back in 2007 and parts of it require the player, in the role of Commander Shepard, to drive in a vehicle called the Mako.

Essentially a large armoured space buggy, the Mako comes armed with a large cannon, rocket jump boosters and big chunky tyres which let the player climb the steep and rough terrain of many planets in uncomfortable-looking fashion.

Unfortunately for the Mako it has an infamous reputation in the Mass Effect community for its dodgy and highly sensitive controls and the rough-looking ride which you think would make any onboard passenger puke after a few minutes aboard.

Another problem found as demonstrated in the video below, is that the Mako also appears to have a nasty fault which causes it roll spectacularly around the terrain or fly uncontrollably in the air, all with little regard for physics!

Worse still there’s evidence that this isn’t just an unfortunate and one-off occurrence but a recurring fault…

…one which can strike time and time again.

In the video below we see even giant alien robots can fall victim to the Mako’s craziness (or was the Mako just trying to hump it?). Best bit starts at the 0:24 mark by the way.

Little wonder then Commander Shepard never used a Mako in the following two sequels.


This article was written by Stephen Goldasz. For more you can follow the Gaming Kick Twitter profile.


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