The most ridiculously expensive gaming replica figures

In Feature on November 26, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Fans of one of today’s popular gaming series can pretty much guarantee they can find relevant replica figures across online stores and in specific street shops even, if you happen to be interested.

While a lot of these figures are fairly basic and can be bought for under £20 each, there are some insanely detailed alternatives available to buy, albeit from niche manufacturers who will sell their work for rather crazy prices.

To get the best quality gaming action figures on offer, you’ve got to have plenty of disposable income available and perhaps be somewhat unhinged, before you even contemplate ordering one of them. Here are just five incredible examples of ridiculously expensive gaming replica figures you can order online. (Not including life-size statues)

Kasumi – Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Price: £213.72 (on

There are a (alarmingly) high number of both expensive and unquestionably ridiculous figures based on fighters from the fighting series/smutty bounce-fest that is Dead or Alive.

A particularly expensive highlight is this based on the scantily-clad bikini wearing “warrior” Kasumi.

Perhaps not one to display on your work desk, nor to show in front of your friends/family/partner/wife/husband, while you admire its finer details.



Mass Effect 3 – Commander Shepard

Manufacturer: Sideshow collectibles

Price: £289.99 (on, £319.95 on

This “premium format” figurine stands 19 inches tall and does a pretty good job of accurately portraying the default male Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series.

It certainly looks great in comparison to my £17 six-inch figure version of the same character, but to pay over £200 more for this extra detail is asking much. At the moment the 19 inch model can only be pre-ordered with deliveries expected in March 2013.



Halo – Master Chief

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Price: £329.99 (on

There are already loads of figures and other toys on the market centred on the Halo universe. But for a super-accurate replica of the Xbox mascot however, you’re going to need to pay more then you currently need for a newly built Xbox 360 console!

Like Commander Shepard above, deliveries of this figure are expected to come in March 2013.



Raiden – Metal Gear Solid 4

Manufacturer: Medicom Toy

Price: £650 (on

This 12 inch figure based on the Metal Gear Solid protagonist turned cyborg ninja is perfect for the ultimate Raiden fan. That’ll probably be Hideo Kojima then.



Jack Krauser – Resident Evil 4

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Price: £760.08 (on

Presumably this is so expensive because it’s so rare but still, bloody hell that’s pricey!

This 12 inch figure does come with lots of little props for it to play with but still……..damn!

Feel free to add more suggestions to the most ridiculously expensive gaming replica/action figures list.


This article was written by Stephen Goldasz. For more you can follow the Gaming Kick Twitter account.

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