The maddest Doom conversions (Game mods of the week)

In Game mods on November 29, 2012 at 9:06 pm

One of the awesome granddads of first person shooters, Doom, was first released nearly twenty years ago and yet it remains much loved.

This is thanks in part due to its pioneering of the great potential for both 3D graphics in computer games, and the first person shooter genre. Of course all the bloody gorgeous action helped as well.

Another aspect which has kept the original Doom’s popularity going strong is the game’s openness to a high level of customisation; the whole process behind this is even documented extensively on Wikipedia.

Therefore since its original release a countless amount of player-made mods have been created for Doom (and its sequel Doom II), many of which are inspired by other games or other parts of popular culture.

Some of these conversions can be best described unusual, or just downright insane. Here is a collection of just some of the maddest examples players of Doom and Doom 2 can get.


You’ve got The Simpsons in my Doom!

This Doom 2 conversion puts players in the shoes of Homer Simpson as he mows down multiple clones of characters from the classic cartoon series.

There are some nice textures and authentic soundbytes from The Simpsons included, though judging from gameplay footage posted online, the gameplay can get easily overloaded with sounds which will likely get irritating fast.

It also seems that Duff beer represents health packs (neat!) but Homer makes an eating sound when he collects them. Still I suspose that’s far from being the weirdest aspect of this mod.



You’ve got Dragonball Z in my Doom!

Here’s an opportunity to go super saiyan on the various charachters which make up the Dragonball Z cartoon.

Judging from gameplay footage, also recommended to fans of overwhelming flashes and noises.



You’ve got Doom 3 (sort of) in my Doom!

This conversion mod called Legacy of Suffering features some of the layouts, cinematics and general atmosphere which you’d be more accustomed to finding in the dark and claustrophobic trip that is Doom 3. There’s still a fair amount of shoot ups and rock music however.



You’ve got Super Mario World in my Doom!

In this conversion mod the demons of hell which accompany the Doom universe are swapped in favour of hordes of characters from the Super Mario franchise including Yoshi, Luigi and Mario.

Most of the guns you’ll use in this massacre are the same you find in the standard Doom game, although some custom additions can be found including something that looks similar to the official Wii Zapper Gun.

The cheerful music in this mod clashes hilariously with the ongoing slaughter that takes place!



You’ve got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in my Doom!

Wait what?!

Well this is one way to blend old with new I guess.


This article was written by Stephen Goldasz. For more you can follow the Gaming Kick Twitter account.

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