20 awesome gaming weapon replicas

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Guns, swords, turrets, whatever the choice a weapon from an action/adventure game can become just as iconic and celebrated as the characters that use them.

For year the brains behind many loved computer games have conceived a huge variety of memorable concepts for fictional weapons to shoot, maim or baffle.

Not only that but some companies or single talented individuals will go as far as to recreate replicas of the most famous gaming weapons. While the majority of them will never actually work like they do in-game, the reputation they hold can make them an appealing model/toy to own.

But which are the best? Gaming Kick has gone searching the World Wide Web to bring you twenty of the most awesome gaming weapon replicas which brings the memorable pieces of fiction to the real world. The list includes (for the most part) weapon replicas which have been built by official manufacturing companies, and they are either available to buy, or at least used to be.

There’s also some one-off custom designs which aren’t for sale but are still worthy of recognition.


M-8 Avenger – Mass Effect

M8avengerM-8 Avenger

Made by: Project TriForce

Price: £399.99 (from Forbidden Planet)

This full size and authenticate replica of the Mass Effect assault rifle weighs as much as 20 pounds and looks perfect for saving the galaxy.



Plasma Cutter – Dead Space


Made by: Epic Weapons

Price: Sold out (was about £150)

Don’t expect to dismember anything with this but you can admire its detail at least.



Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device – Portal


Made by: Neca

Price: £94.99 (on Forbidden Planet)

Some may dispute whether the Portal device is technically a “weapon”, while it may not directly shoot ammo or explosives, in the right (or wrong) hands this device could prove a very deadly weapon indeed. If it actually worked that is, at least it looks cool.



Locust Hammerbust – Gears of War


Made by: Project TriForce

Price: £764.99 (on Forbidden Planet)

Pretend to invade the earth with this replica rifle which features LED lights and weighs in at 36 pounds!



M-3 Predator – Mass Effect


Made by: Project TriForce

Price: £341.99

The most commonly featured pistol in the Mass Effect series, this is one of the smaller and lighter gaming weapon replicas on the market, but still one of the most highly detailed.



Gun Turret – Portal


Made by: Gaming Heads

Price: £269.99 (on Forbidden Planet, by the way I’m not sponsored by this store I swear!)

What better way to defend your home from burglars then with one of these charming blighters!



Lancer Assault Rifle – Gears of War


Made by: Project TriForce

Price: Sold out

Sadly the chainsaw bayonet doesn’t work but you can at least pretend to cut your friends and family in half with this anyway.



Batarang – Batman: Arkham City

bat_batarangBatman-Arkham City Screen 032-Batman Batarang

Made by: Project TriForce

Price: $187.50 (or about £116) (on TriForce’s webstie)

Provided with a fancy-looking Batman glove for display purposes, try knocking out your next door neighbour with this Batarang (and don’t blame me if that actually happens). Or you could use it to play fetch with your dog (just don’t knock out the dog for goodness sake).



Blade of Chaos – God of War


Made by: United Cutlery

Price: £175.26 (on

Feel like a god with this replica but don’t suddenly expect to suddenly get as much sex as Kratos manages in the Gods of War series.



Altair’s Sword – Assassin’s Creed


Made by: Swordsking

Price: £42 (on

However authentic it may be this sword will not give you the magical ability to dive safely into a small haystack from a 100 feet drop.



Samurai Edge Pistol – Resident Evil


Made by: Tokyo Marui

Price: $177.81 (or about £110) (on Red Wolf Airsoft)

Impress your fellow survivors when the zombie apocalypse arrives with this novelty handgun that doesn’t actually fire real bullets. At best you could use it as a melee weapon but would you want to after the money you spent on it?!



Link Master Sword – Legend of Zelda


Made by: bestsell12 (i think)

Price: £30.12

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

And now we move on to one-off replicas which aren’t for sale but are pretty darn impressive nevertheless…



Digger Launcher – Gears of War 3


Made by: Kronos Props

It may look like something compiled during Scrapheap Challenge, but this replica is stunningly accurate compared to the weapon that inspired it.



N7 Eagle – Mass Effect 3


Made by: Punished Props

This neat little prop was auctioned off at the 2011 Child’s Play Charity Auction Dinner.



Revolver – Starcraft 2


Made by: Punished Props

Used by Starcraft character Jim Raynor, a working version of this big fat shiny revolver would be the envy of every gunslinger in the world. Even Hellboy maybe.



Shotgun and Pistol – Team Fortress 2



Made by: Punished Props

Yet another entry from Punished Props, these guns nicely captures the sharp cartoonish style of graphics which characterises Team Fortress 2.



M-29 Incisor – Mass Effect 2


Made by: ZProps

Could well get mistaken for a nerf gun, but this sniper rifle replica looks pretty much identical to its appearance in Mass Effect 2 (and 3). Impressive!



N7 Valkyrie – Mass Effect 3


Made by: Volpin Props

Yes I have featured quite a few Mass Effect guns already but this beautifully crafted replica is worthy of entry regardless. This replica by Volpin Props managed to feature in a live-action TV advert for Mass Effect 3 just prior its launch.

I’ll take two please.



Steel Axe – Skyrim


Made by: Volpin Props

Recently auctioned for charity, this prop is perfect for activities including riding dragons and shouting “FUS RO DAH!” at random people.



Magnum Pistol – Halo 3: ODST


Made by: Johnson Arms

Anyone interested in owning one of these pistol replicas can try their luck enquiring via Johnson Arm’s email account or by visiting the maker’s WordPress blog site.

Then maybe with one of these you can finally finish the fight! Unless another trilogy starts up or something…


Written by Stephen Goldasz. For more you can check out the Gaming Kick Twitter account.


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