Cool custom-designed game consoles

In Feature on January 30, 2013 at 7:52 pm


A console is more than just a mere tool for playing computer games. These pieces of hardware can take on their own iconic status and on certain evidence can be seen as an area of opportunity for inventive new custom art design.

If a particular game, franchise or even a kitchen appliance comes close to someone’s heart they may choose to reflect that passion on to the game consoles they use to play.

Here is a just a selection of some of the coolest examples of custom-designed game consoles both retro and modern.


Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64


If you’re a fan of the Legend of Zelda games then I guess you could say this beautifully designed Nintendo 64 provides a very appropriate link to the past! (I’ll get my coat)

This customised console was designed by a talented Slovenian artist, you can view more of his cool work on his DeviantArt account page Zoki64. The man who created this custom designed N64 has also uploaded a YouTube video of it which you can view just below.


RSD2 Xbox 360


Who knows how much this cost to make but this custom made Xbox 360 looks in prime condition.


Crystal Mosaic Lara Croft Xbox 360


An idea of the German marketing office for the Xbox 360, this customised console was covered in 43,000 colourful crystals to form the front cover of Tomb Raider: Legend featuring protagonist Lara Croft.

As part of a promotion campaign for the adventure game Legend, this bejewelled creation was sold at auction for around $11,000 (or about £6966). A rare and majestic piece of work which even Lara Croft herself would probably raid a tomb for, just to get her hands on it.


Mass Effect N7 Playstation 3


My favourite game console on The Citadel.


Mortal Kombat Playstation


A controller covered in blood would be awkward to use, but this is some nice work regardless.

You can check out more game-related work from the creator of this design on the DeviantArt page SamuraiSmurfette.


Iron Man’s Xbox 360


This sweet-looking custom designed Xbox 360 was sold on ebay two years ago (at the time of writing this). Alas it’s a one-off, but we can at least marvel at the attention to detail.


Master Chief shoots an Xbox 360


This detailed piece of work was made by filmmaker Richard Taylor from WETA workshop, who has previously worked on special effects for The Lord of the Rings movies.

While this console is a fantastic piece of work, it feels kind of ironic that the Halo series protagonist, Master Chief, is effectively destroying an Xbox console.




Have a strong love for toast and Nintend? Then this custom Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console built around the shell of a toaster is just perfect!

You can watch the maker of this creation assemble and demonstrate his masterpiece in his deliberately silly video attached just below.


Written by Stephen Goldasz. For more you can follow the Gaming Kick Twitter account.


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