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Classic rally games – The best and most memorable of all

In Feature on February 23, 2013 at 8:24 pm


If you’re any sort of motorsport fan then you’ll likely agree that rallying is a hugely challenging sport that pushes both drivers and the cars involved to their limits of endurance and even beyond. It’s also often a breathtaking sport to watch (let alone partake in) as rally cars charge through straights and turns on loose-grip terrain surrounded by beautiful but also treacherous scenery. Wonderful.

If you became a fan of the motorsport rallying in the past couple of decades then a factor that likely sealed your interest were the computer games based on the sport.

Sadly these days the sport feels like a shadow of what it was, the pinnacle championship for the sport (the World Rally Championship of course) has startlingly little media presence around it (no TV coverage in the UK). Furthermore the number of manufacturers participating today is very little compared to past decades, and the standard of driver competition has declined to the point one man was able to dominate the championship for nearly a full decade.

It’s sad to see the current state of rallying today, one can only hope that in the future under better economic circumstances the sport can return to a form closer to its best years.

Until then motorsport fans can at least remind themselves as to why they fell in love with rallying in the first place, with the help of some of the great rally computer games that have been made. But which are the best? Which are the most memorable? Which games have really captured the essence of the motorsport? Plus, which are old but nostalgic?

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